Corporate Mental Health and Wellbeing

Do you want to increase the performance of your teams and support employee resilience?

The Retreat can offer you a bespoke mental health and well-being support package to meet your organisational requirements.

Performance Matters

It is well recognised that employee health and well-being strategies enhance performance and benefits both the individual employee’s mental health and the organisational cost efficiency gains through reduced sickness absence, staff turnover, increased productivity, and reduced accidents.

Did you know?

There is now a legal requirement to assess employees’ risk of workplace stress. Also, poor mental health is the most common type of work-related ill-health, accounting for 44% of all work-related illness and 70% of people with mild to moderate mental health problems say they struggle and are less productive at work.

We can work with you to assess your needs and deliver the required support for your employees.

Training & Awareness

As well as our bespoke support packages, we offer high quality Mental Health Awareness training and events, including corporate events and individual sessions where specific topics can be covered. We also provide one to one support for executives and managers tailored to your support requirements.

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