Compassionate Mind Training

Do you tend to relate to yourself harshly, critically or judgmentally? Do you struggle with your mental health? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then you may benefit from a course of Compassionate Mind Training online group sessions that has been designed with you in mind.

What is Compassionate Mind Training?

Experts in the field of psychology have discovered that developing the ability to be self-compassionate helps to support good mental health. They have suggested that the way our species has evolved to be very social in nature means that we are extremely sensitive to how we are treated by others. Being poorly treated by others can have a profound impact on our brain and on our mental health. In contrast, being treated with kindness and respect is a very important factor in maintaining good mental health. It is less well understood that the way we treat ourselves can also have a significant impact on our wellbeing and resilience.

On the basis of these understandings, therapies that focus on the development of self-compassion are growing in popularity. These therapies are designed to help us improve our understanding of our distress and to strengthen our commitment and ability to care for ourselves. “Compassionate mind training” can be thought of as “physiotherapy for the mind” – by undertaking regular exercises and practices, we strengthen the “mental muscles” involved in self-compassion.

What does our Compassionate Mind Training Group involve?

Our Compassionate Mind Training online group will present you with key understandings that will help you to gain insights into your own and others’ psychology.  With clear guidance and support, you will undertake exercises that are designed to help you to gradually develop and strengthen the skills that underpin a healthy mind and healthier ways of relating to yourself.  You will be encouraged to practice these skills and exercises in between sessions in order to get the very best out of the group. Compassionate mind training includes mindfulness and visualisation exercises, self-reflection using written exercises and also group discussions. 

There will be opportunities for discussion with other members of the group, but there is no pressure to share anything unless you feel comfortable doing so.  This isn’t a therapy group as such in the sense that we don’t focus on sharing difficult past experiences.  The focus is mostly on the present, and on our experiences of doing the exercises.  If you prefer one-to-one sessions, we also offer compassion focused individual therapy – Please contact us if you wish to explore this.


How do I apply to attend?

You can apply to join the group by calling us on 0161 445 2099. We will take some information from you and you will be offered an assessment appointment with the group facilitator.


Compassion Focused Therapy at The Retreat

“It was a non-judgmental and friendly environment, with boundaries, which I appreciated. A lot of what we wanted to contribute etc was on our own terms”

 “I thoroughly enjoyed every minute…This course captured in 16 hours what possibly may have taken years in therapy.   I feel equipped with a tool kit and understanding to improve my life.  I trusted the content and integrity of the course as from The Retreat”

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