Opening & Pricing

Please see below the price list for our services.

Please be aware that in some cases, the fee for the specific service you are requesting may differ from our general rates. Please get in touch to find out more.





 Adults Therapy Service

  • Initial Consultation – this is a guided conversation with one of our most senior psychotherapists. You will speak with a highly skilled, experienced professional who has a robust knowledge of each of our clinician’s ways of working, availability, and specialisms. This allows them to allocate the most suitable therapist for you and your needs.

Fee for an Initial Consultation – £60 for a 30 minute telephone call followed by a brief assessment letter.

  • Please note that from time to time, we may not feel it is possible to explore this together in 30 minutes, so we will offer you an extended consultation, either in person or online.

Fee for an Extended Consultations – £115 for 50 minutes.

  • Individual Therapy Sessions – once you have begun psychotherapy, you will typically meet with your therapist for 50 minutes per session, usually weekly and no less than fortnightly.

Fee for ongoing appointments – Start from £85.

Psychiatry Assessments and Follow-up Appointments 

Please contact us for further information and pricing

Couples Psychological Therapy Service

  • If you are seeking therapy with another person, whether your relationship is romantic, platonic, or familial – we will invite you to attend a 50-minute assessment together with a specialist Couple Therapist.

Fee for your first meeting – £115.

Fee for ongoing appointments – £95 for a 50 minute session.

Psychosexual Therapy Service

Fee for psychosexual therapy sessions – £95 for a 50 minute session.

Group Psychotherapy

  •  Prior to joining, members will meet with the therapist individually for a few sessions to support thoughtful integration into a group with an appropriate dynamic.

    Fee for the initial individual therapy sessions are £85 for 50 minutes


Children & Young People Therapy Service

• Initial Assessment – this is an essential part of commencing therapy and enables identification of appropriate next steps. The initial assessment includes 50 minutes of consultation and a post consultation review letter.

Fee for an Initial Assessment – £125.

• Therapy Sessions – we offer therapy across a range of interventions and our standard session time includes 50 minutes of consultation.

Fee for ongoing therapy – Start at £85 per session.


    Opening Times

    Monday 8am – 8pm

    Tuesday 8.30am – 8pm

    Wednesday 8am – 9pm

    Thursday 8am – 5.30pm

    Friday 8am – 4.30pm

    Saturday 9am – 2pm

    Hours may vary but at clinicians discretion.


    Although our services are delivered in the hours above, our office is currently open between 8.30am and 4.30pm. If you’d like to contact us outside of these hours please email or leave us a phone message on 0161 445 2099, and we’ll get back to you.

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