Psychosexual Therapy

People of all ages and stages of life can have difficulties with their sex life, which can have  knock-on effects for other feelings. This can put a strain on your relationship with your partner and affect your overall mental wellbeing. We provide a bespoke therapeutic package based on the needs of the individual/couple.



Psychosexual Therapy focuses on resolving problems within a sexual relationship. 

We understand that it is often difficult to talk about intimate sexual problems.

We provide a warm and welcoming place where we can work with you in a confidential, sensitive and supportive way.

What is Psychosexual Therapy?


Are you having problems with sex? If so, then the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone.

If you are struggling with performance or intimacy problems, or have anxieties based on previously traumatic experiences or even changes in your desires caused by pregnancy, stress, depression or addiction there are many common reasons that you could be experiencing sexual dysfunction, and there are also many different solutions.

In fact, did you know that most sexual problems are not physically based? This is why psychosexual therapy offered here at The Retreat can be  effective in tackling sexual issues.

Difficult as it may seem to talk about sex and psychosexual problems, the sooner you can open up and address the underlying issues the better it will be for your own peace of mind, and the faster you will be able to resolve any impacts this is having on your intimate relationships.

Sex therapy can help adults of all ages, and we work in an inclusive way for all individuals or couples, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, living arrangements and disability.

How can Psychosexual Therapy help?

Many people have a problem with sex at some point in their lives. While some can deal with these themselves, for others psychotherapy helps them find a resolution to their sexual dysfunction or emotional blocks. 

Psychosexual therapy is a specialised therapeutic therapy. It is used specifically for those who are experiencing problems of a psychological, sexual nature. Sexual difficulties are very common and can have many causes. Their origins may be: 


  • Physical (the effect of illness, accident, surgery, disability or medications)
  • Psychological (due to anxiety, depression or other mental health problems)
  • Emotional (for example, unresolved grief, or unhappiness due to other problems in the relationship)
  • Situational (they only happen under certain circumstances)
  • A combination of several of these factors.

The Process 

If you are contacting us as a couple we require a separate referral form from each of you. You will then be seen for a joint, 60 minute initial appointment with the therapist. A history taking session then follows and this is carried out individually and takes 90 minutes for each of you.

Once both history taking sessions have been completed the therapist will review the information and invite you to a joint 60 minute session where you discuss the to discuss the outcomes of the history-taking and plan the therapy with you.

The regular 60 minute sessions that follow will involve the setting of specific exercises to be carried out between sessions, and feedback time to review how the exercises went. Over time the exercises change and so too will the levels of intimacy you achieve. A final follow-up session is booked three months after the cessation of the regular sessions.

Confidentiality is agreed with each partner within the couple relationship and the therapist will support each partner to be transparent with the other. It is also possible, however, that the therapist will hold confidential certain aspects of an individual’s history that they do not wish to disclose to their partner. You can discuss any confidentiality concerns with the therapist during the one-to-one history taking session.


Who can we treat

Psychosexual Therapy can offer support for a wide range of problems, including but not limited to:

  • Anorgasmia
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculatory issues
  • HRT – Psychosexual needs during the menopause Vaginismus
  • Gender dysphoria and gender identity issues (in terms of sexual functioning)
  • Sexual identity issues affecting mood and anxiety
  • Sexual Interest, Arousal and Avoidance issues
  • Issues with intimacy and affecting well-being
  • Effects of physical issues such as chronic illness, recovery from surgery that impact on sexual functioning
  • Issues arising from childbirth and fertility/childlessness
  • Chem-sex and risky sexual behaviours
  • Sex or pornography addiction
  • Sexual pain
  • Exploration opportunities to identify the impact of historical experiences and relationships on sexual functioning
  • Focus on identifying sexual needs individually and as a couple
  • Learning to communicate sexual needs


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How To Access The Service

All therapies are accessed via our Initial Therapies Assessment. 

To refer yourself to our general therapies service, or just to talk to us about whether we can help, please call us on 0161 445 2099.


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